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OK, so you have read my articles about Armadillos, you have done your homework and researched that you do indeed have an armadillo infestation! But don't worry, we are here to Help you remove any of those unwanted critter from your yard and make sure that garden and those flowers stay nice and pretty! Well this is what we need to do, let's set some traps to capture and remove the armadillos!

Removal of the Armadillo: Trapping! Trapping is the most successful and humane way to remove Armadillos. There are deterrents for Armadillos that you can use, and I will talk about them, but in all honestly the best way to remove Armadillos is to Trap them. I prefer Havahart Armadillo Traps, and honestly you need to buy the good ones when it comes to Armadillos and not the cheap ones. By good ones I mean the Steel ones with the grate bars.Armadillos are very very strong, you wouldn't think it, but they are, and they can mess up and break the flimsy cheap traps pretty easily. We actually have our mechanic on staff, Papo Acevedo, weld steel reinforcement bars on our traps for Armadillos because we do so much removal of armadillos in Florida and Texas where my company personally operates out of. Most of the Vendors that I refer to you guys at in the location pages will either do the same, or make their own, or buy the steel ones, so that is what I recommend.

You generally want to buy and use 2 traps when dealing with Armadillos in case there are several in the area. You want to put the traps around the property where you are seeing the signs of a Armadillo infestation. So put the traps around the garbage, put them on the areas on the lawn where you are seeing the activity. Try to find their burrow, this will be a hole that will go under your house, shed, deck, etc where they will probably be living. Once you have determined the correct place for the Armadillo traps you will want to set those Armadillo traps. After the traps are set, you will want to do a fencing up to the trap, this will act as a funnel system that will “Filter” the animal into the trap. Armadillos are generally nocturnal, and are pretty much blind, so the fencing is essential. They are dumb, and will aimlessly walk around your yard, so when they bump into the fencing, it will act as a guide and guide them right into your trap!

Next you will want to make sure that you properly bait the trap. There are several different baits you can uses. But honestly armadillos are pretty much blind and don't really use smell to find their food source, and their food source is generally insects like white grubs which don't really smell. So what I recommend doing is setting the trap near the areas of activity and building a funnel system with screening to direct the armadillo directly into the trap. You can also set the trap directly into the burrow so that in order for the armadillo to leave the burrow he walks directly into the trap. If you really want to use bait, then I would recommend going to your local farm feed store and getting dried out Meal worms or grubs and placing them inside and in the back of the trap. But honestly, it doesn't matter and I don't think they will even eat them, it's better to just use the fence method. Yes some people SWEAR by apples, but look I have been doing this now professionally for nearly 10 years, and I don't use bait, so that might be saying something?

Here is what I generally do for Armadillo trapping: Armadillo Trapping Techniques

*Note- Sometimes Armadillos are smart enough to avoid the traps without setting it off. They will also flip the traps. If you run into this, there are a few tricks you can use to fool them.

Stake the traps down in the ground with Rebar stakes. It will prevent them from being able to flip the trap. Dig the trap into the dirt and fill around it to avoid the trap from moving

Live Armadillo Trapping and removal can take some time. I generally give it a total of 2-4 weeks trapping from start to finish until I catch all the Armadillos. Normally Armadillos travel in pairs or groups, so even if you catch just one Armadillo I would recommend keeping the Armadillo traps out there for an extended period of time. Be patient, give it time and don’t mess with the traps. Let the bait sit there for a few days and try to catch the Armadillo. Bait will normally stay good for about 72 hours depending on weather conditions. Once it is caught, you will need to relocate your armadillo.

And that is my How to Guide when it comes to Armadillos on your property and how to remove them. Like I have mentioned my name is Brendan Mangnitz I have being doing pest wildlife and Armadillo removal now for over 6 years. I have worked and trained 100’s of people of the past years. It takes time, skill, and patience but removing Armadillos can be dangerous, but is also something that we deal with on the daily here. Armadillos have learned how to thrive and do great in the urban setting. This is not something that is going away. With more and more houses coming up every day, more land being constructed and developed we will always have issues with Armadillos in the garden and lawn. Just read and learn how to protect yourself, your family and your home and you should be good to go. If you have any questions you can email directly at call my office at 1-844-247-WILD any time of the day or night THANKS!

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