How Much Does Raccoon Removal Cost?

Raccoon Removal is a VERY uniqu circumstance that has many variables that need to be taken into consideration when determinig pricing. That is why we always perform FREE Raccoon Removal Inspections to properly evaluate the needs of your individual situation.

Here are some of the variables/factors that need to be considered:

Step 1: Free Inspection | Every Home has different unique variables that need to be considered

Daniel inspection

Professional Wildlife & Animal trapping generally involves the Wildlife & Animal trapping company to initially come out to your home and perform a free inspection and evaluation in order to determine that you indeed are having an issue with Wildlife & Animals or that you may have Wildlife & Animals in the Attic. During this free inspection and evaluation, the professional wildlife and Animal removal company will get in the attic and take a look at everything that’s going on and identify whether or not you do have Wildlife & Animal in your attic. We will look for Wildlife & Animal poop and we will also identify the Wildlife & Animal poop based on smell, appearance, shape, size and even take a look at and listen for the sounds of the Wildlife & Animals. Once we are in the Attic and it is confirmed that you are having an issue with Wildlife & Animals, a professional Wildlife & Animal removal company will then get on the roof and walk the exterior of the property to identify the areas that the Wildlife & Animals are using to get into your home.
Your local professional Wildlife & Animal removal company will have a preset list of charges that depend on your Wildlife & Animal infestation. Wildlife & Animal removal costs vary based on the infestation of the Wildlife & Animals in the Attic or around your home, but also on how difficult it is to remove that Wildlife & Animal and close off the access points that the Wildlife & Animal(s) is using.

If you find Wildlife & Animal feces in your attic, read more information about Wildlife & Animal poop removal and be sure to hire a professional wildlife removal company to prevent any health issues related to Wildlife & Animal droppings.

Depending on where you live there will generally always be local Wildlife & Animal trappers near you. Wildlife & Animal control is a service that can be provided by your local wildlife removal company. Check out all the areas that I and Centurian Wildlife Control provide inspections for, and feel free to call. It never hurts to speak to a live representative and at least go over your concerns, remember we are here to help! Centurian Wildlife Control is a nationwide company and directory with local technicians throughout the country.


Step 2: Animal Trapping

possum in trap

We provide Wildlife & Animal removal service and we also set traps to humanely remove the Wildlife & Animals. Wildlife & Animal removal is something that should always be done by a professional company, whether you go with us or you want to get other estimates, make sure the company that you hire to remove your Wildlife & Animals is professional, humane, licensed and insured. The last thing that you want is to hire a Wildlife & Animal control company that results in an awful job, making your Wildlife & Animal infestation even worse and end up costing you more money to fix those problems.

If you have nuisance animals and pest wildlife on your property or in your attic, the safest and most humane way to remove them is to perform a live trapping, and then relocated the trapped animal or animals. You will need to set the appropriate traps & bait for the species of wildlife you are encountering. A trap too small can be considered cruelty or harassment towards wildlife, which is punishable by fines or jail time in some cities. Using the incorrect bait to trap the type of animal causing you problems can result in you trapping the wrong animal and having to start the process over again. If you do it properly, you should only need to set your traps a few times to eliminate nuisance wildlife. Once the animal is caught, and all nuisance wildlife is safely and humanely relocated to a wildlife preserve. Every animal removal and wildlife control situation is different, and will require not only different types of traps, but also different trapping strategies. Most wildlife control companies will offer a free inspection with trapping services.



Step 3: Exclusion Work


Customers ask me all the time how to get rid of Wildlife & Animals permanently and the simple answer is once you catch that Wildlife & Animal and you know that there are no more Wildlife & Animals in the Attic, you need to close off the access point to prevent more Wildlife & Animals from coming back. This is called an exclusion; you definitely want to hire a professional Wildlife & Animal removal company to perform exclusion work and Wildlife & Animal removal of the home in order to guarantee that no more Wildlife & Animals come back.

Once you know that you have animals in your home, the only way to keep them from coming back is to exclude them. This is done by closing off any access points around your home where the animal may have been using to access. When performing an exclusion it is best to only use metal and concrete materials, ensuring the animals cannot chew through it. Depending upon the species of wildlife, you may need to adjust the type and placement of materials to best suit your wildlife control problem. Most trapping and handyman work done by wildlife removal services to ensure the protection of your home comes with a 1 year renewable warranty. Ask your local service professional about warranty service.

Wildlife exclusion is based on a few simple principles. The first principle of wildlife exclusion is that no harm comes to the animals you are excluding whatsoever. Exclusion is the most humane way to remove animals from your home for this reason. The second principle is that animals are leaving the space of their own accord. All wildlife species that enter an attic or porch space will eventually need to leave this space to feed or to reproduce. The third and final principle of exclusion is that once the animals have vacated the space, they should not be able to re-enter the space by any means, including the access point they use to leave the space. Sounds tricky, right? It can become extremely complicated if you have multiple access points, multiple species of wildlife, or if you simply do not have the tools and skills required to place exclusion devices on your home.



Technicians who operate through 24/7 Wildlife Control use high-quality, durable materials to exclude animals from your home. They are experts at determining entry points of various wildlife species, and have years of experience building these devices to fit unique wildlife removal cases like yours. While it is entirely possible to build and place exclusion devices around your home, we recommend using a professional service in order to minimize the risk to your safety and to save valuable time.

Post Exclusion:

Exclusion services offered by 24/7 Wildlife Control and its affiliates are immediately followed up by an inspection, sanitation, and repair service. It’s not enough to simply remove wildlife that has made its home in your attic or garage space; you will need to remove any feces/animal waste, as well as fur, nesting materials, dirt, and oils they have brought into the home. Once the tangible waste has been removed, a thorough cleaning of the air inside of the attic or other space is required. If it is possible to air out the space naturally, your technician will do so, and then proceed to treat the air with commercial sprayers loaded with antimicrobial solutions specifically for this purpose. After your space has been sanitized, the repair team will restore your home to like-new condition by sealing entry points and replacing parts of the home that were beyond repair.


Step 4: Antimicrobial Treatment


After a technician has removed the Nuisance Animal from your attic they will need to clean up the mess left behind. When an animal is in your attic they can cause damage from urinating, defecating and breeding. All of these are contaminates left behind in your attic, including bacteria, diseases and insects, can spread throughout your home’s insulation. These hazards can lead to severe respiratory problems- bacteria getting into the airways of your home through leaks in A/C tubing, wall voids, and more. After a full cleanup and restoration of your attic, it will be like you never had a problem!


Now for Pricing, Here are some points to consider:

FREE – Again, we must reiterate that in many instances, you can address the raccoon problem in a simple and humane manner with easy, no cost techniques. Read our ways to eliminate raccoons yourself guide to find out more.

AVERAGE PRICES – Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no typical standard price in professional nuisance wildlife control. In some ways, it is like asking for the normal price of car restoration. There’s no great answer, because each job is extremely different. Additionally, different businesses simply charge different prices, with no great rhyme or reason, aside from the business motivations of the firm. Higher cost doesn’t always correlate with better support. All that said, we’ll analyze a few of the kinds of raccoon jobs under.

In most states, the animals have to be euthanized, and even if they are relocated, they often won’t survive. Additionally, cage trapping is just a temporary fix to a raccoon battle, and after trapping, lots of individuals soon find themselves in precisely the exact same situation again, using a new raccoon. But many businesses participate in cage trapping. It is sort of the strangest job – to get a wildlife man to catch the creature in a cage and triumphantly cart it off. Most companies will charge a service fee or trap setup fee to arrive at the home and set traps. These prices can vary to as little as $150 total, to much greater in some cases over $1000, depending on the business and the amount of service trips and number of animals captured.

But in other situations, it’s a legitimately challenging situation that needs professional work. In case a pro must manually get rid of the baby raccoons along with the mother. Or remove the youthful and snare the mother and deliver them away together, the minimum is generally over $300, usually higher than that. Much of the expense comes from cleaning and repairs.

DAMAGE REPAIRS – When a raccoon is in a home or attic, they’ve damaged part of the house to get indoors, or gone through a glaringly open home issue. This may require repair to fix, and the repairs have to be very powerful to maintain future raccoons out. If you’re handy, you can do these repairs yourself. Additionally, the raccoon could have ruined large areas of the interior of the loft, including ripping all of the duct work, the insulation from piping, or eliminating or trampling insulation.

EXCLUSION BARRIERS – When a raccoon lives under an elevated home, shed, porch, deck, or other floor structure, following removal, a homeowner may consider an exclusion barrier to maintain future raccoons (and stray cats, skunks, etc.) from living under there. This is a steel mesh barrier, bolted into the construction, and burrowing into the ground.

ATTIC CLEANUP – This is a place to possibly beware of. It’s a fact that raccoons in a loft will defecate a long time. It is very rare, but it is possible. Raccoons may also bring parasites to the loft, even though they won’t last long. It is possible that the urine and waste will attract cockroaches, or fresh wildlife, etc.. So many people do consider it advisable to clean out the attic. Having said that, there’s an entire industry surrounding the cleaning of attics inhabited by raccoons, under the particular loophole that cleanup is often covered by homeowner’s insurance. Insurance pubs against covering rodent damage, but raccoons aren’t rodents. Thus some firms exploit this, aggressively seek to wash attics, and charge the insurance, usually over $10,000. This cost isn’t to you, but bear in mind that some businesses work solely to execute such cleanups, and will work to get them, irrespective of necessity. Other firms will do more small cleanup, including removal of feces, contaminated insulation, and appropriate antimicrobial fogging, for as little as $500.

Truly, the best way to discover the price tag would be to call a local raccoon professional, and get an estimate! Some will provide ballpark estimates on the telephone, some will provide free on-site inspections, but not all. For effective ways to resolve a raccoon problem yourself, or to find local Assistance and prices, click on the Locations Tab:


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Author: Brendan Mangnitz