What is that SMELL?!?!

Have you ever been driving down a dark road late at night, windows up, ac on and all of a sudden you’re hit with an awful smell that makes your eyes water? I think the general instant reaction is to say “What is that smell?” The smell will often linger for about a mile and then it goes away. Its an intense odor that words cant really describe….that smell is a skunk! A few things could have happened, someone could have run one over and it sprayed, it could have sprayed close to the road because of fear, or it sprayed another animal for a similar reason. You might be thinking, How would I be able to smell a skunk in my car, windows up, ac on? Well that’s a good question and the answer is pretty simple. Skunks can spray up to 10 feet away from them, but the scent can travel about 3.5 miles!!

Skunks use this smelly spray as their defense mechanism, I dont know about you but that would definitely keep me away!!