Squirrels in the Winter

In the event you didn’t notice, the last few years have been growth years for squirrels. You know, those cute, fuzzy little animals that dart to and fro through the trees. That is, naturally, unless one (or more) of these animals decides to forego the tree-thing and comes inside. Hmmmm… Not too cute and cuddly anymore! Now, rather than ‘cute l’il guys, ‘ they’ve become interlopers – non-paying tenants of the worst kind.

Regardless of what the weathermen let you know, no one knows just what the next thunderstorm will be like this winter. Though they are all educated guesses, they don’t really know. And the cold weather quite often determines your general squirrel problem.

Again this season, we have a problem worsening due to many weather swings, both hot and cold. The warmer weather, almost guarantees that the local squirrel populations, already at an all-time high, will be seeking more protection in buildings.

Homeowners, and even commercial buildings, have experienced an influx of these animals, buying good place for the winter. And even though many squirrels (mostly ground squirrels) may hibernate in the cold weather, grey squirrels do not.

We’ll need tons of severe cold to alleviate over ten years of warm winters. Actually mildly cold weather will tend to drive squirrels to warmer quarters. This kind of means that anyplace that leaks heat brings in these animals, buying more secure home, and this year looks no better.

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