Review by Jenny


Centurian Orlando Wildlife Services
Altamonte Springs, FL
“had an issue with Rodents and Rats. I had called a few companies and was not really impressed with the inspections or price. I called Centurian Wildlife Control in Orlando and I was very impressed. They sent Chris out, one of the managers, to evaluate the situation since I had the noises in my attic and I was worried the rats were going to get into the house. Chris did a very thorough job with the inspection, he figured out how the rats were getting in and set traps to remove them. Danny and Jeremy came out to do the exclusion work, closed off the access points. Josh came out after all the rats were gone and cleaned up the attic and did the anti-microbial treatment to remove the bacteria. Thank you again Centurian for getting this taken care of once and for all!!”

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