Foxes in Florida?!

There are two types of foxes in Florida; the red fox and the grey fox. I had never seen a fox here until recently and when I did I was shocked and excited. It was on the side of an off ramp on 95 North right at dusk and had I not been going so slow, I would have missed the sighting entirely. Im pretty sure it was a red fox based on the appearance, how cool right?!

The red fox is about the size of a small dog, they can be up to about 15 pounds and an average of 2 feet in length. Of course the have a reddish color and white bellies, they can also have some white spots on them. Their tail is bushy and has a white tip on them, these are the foxes we most commonly see depicted in cartoons and movies. They eat small animals like rabbits, rats and mice.

The grey fox is usually smaller than the red fox, they too have some reddish fur but are mainly grey. They can be up to 13 pounds and around 40 inches long. The female is usually smaller than the male but both look similar. These guys have a 12 inch tail!! That seems pretty long for such a small animal, their tails have a black tip on them. A big difference in the grey fox is they prefer wooded areas and climb trees. They tend to sleep in trees to avoid larger predators. Grey foxes eat the same things as a red fox will, but will eat just about any animal it can get its paws on.

Next time youre driving on 95, look around if its close to ark…you never know if you will spot an awesome fox!