Squirrels can cause serious damage!

Squirrel damage to homes can be costly. Squirrels can chew through just about anything that’s not made of metal. Their front teeth continue growing throughout their entire lives. To keep them trimmed to a proper length squirrels chew on stuff.


A major problem arises when squirrels don’t have available to them, their normal methods of teeth trimming which include chewing on acorns, walnuts or other hard coated seeds gathered from trees, and will instead chew on your house, and property or anything else to keep their teeth trimmed. They might chew on your wood siding, roofing shingles, doors, sheds, barns, grill covers, patio furniture, plastic yard lights, non-metal parts of parked cars, etc..

So how do you stop them from destroying your stuff. There are several methods that can be used. The most important one being that you act as soon as you notice the first signs of damage. Don’t wait until these pesky critters have chewed a gaping hole in the side of your home or top of your roof. Call the Professionals at Centurian Wildlife, we can set up a Free Home, Roof and Attic Evaluation. Call us at 1-844-247-Wild or visit our website at www.CenturianWildlife.com

Rats in the Attic

With the Warm weather coming in rodents are looking for a safe place to hide. Rats might look cute but they are very destructive when they’re in your home! They can chew wires, leave behind urine and feces, destroy the insulation, or worse even get into the house!! Call us today to set up an inspection with one of our trained and certified technicians.
1-844-247-WILD or visit www.CenturianWildlife.com for more detailsrats

Raccoon’s in the Attic??!!

Its getting that time during the year where wildlife begin to start mating. The weather is changing, its getting warmer outside, bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, and guess what? Animals are getting busy!

Wildlife, in particular Raccoon’s, Rats, Possums, and Squirrels, have learned how to live and thrive in an urban environment. Think about it, we have moved into their land, there are no more forests, they have been replaced with housing developments. So what have the raccoon’s learned to do? Seek shelter in your attic. Its very easy for a raccoon to climb a tree, jump to the roof, find a weak spot in the the roof or construction, and make the attic a new home. Its a perfect environment in your attic, its warm, safe from predators, there is insulation to be used as nesting materials, there is generally trash cans which provide a food source near by, etc. At the end of the day, these raccoon’s have learned how to not only live but thrive in the urban environment.


That is why the Wildlife Experts at Centurian are called. We specialize in understanding the biology, the construction, and overall reasoning why you may have raccoon’s in your attic.

Our process is straight forward, we will remove the Raccoon’s from the attic humanly, close off the openings on the home to prevent future access, and finally sanitize and clean up any of the mess left behind.

If you are hearing noises in the attic, or suspect you are dealing with wildlife in your home, give us a call. All our inspections are free, and we would be more then happy to give you a free evaluation of your home.

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