Review by Louisa

We have had a scorpion problem for over a year now. We’ve had another pest company coming out regularly for the whole time with no signs of improvement. We switched to this company, they treated our house 2 days ago and we just saw our very first DEAD scorpion! We are beyond impressed and very excited we found yall. I want to give a big shout out to your Centurion wildlife . He was very pleasant and did a fantastic job! Even though he is new he gave us plenty of info and he took his time and did a very thorough job. He even waved at my kids as they watched him through the window. Lol they just kept following him window to window and knocking repeatedly. And every time he would wave. What a great guy you have working for you. after seeing that dead scorpion tonight you just don’t even know how excited I was. This has been a long year fighting these things and I’m finally feeling like I’m seeing the light at the end of the dark scorpion filled tunnel. Thanks

Review by Robert

“We live out of town and this company has kept us in constant updates. I would recommend there services to any one with rat/mice problems. I am sure if you have a larger problem, this is the team you want. They gave us the best quote and have provided service well worth ever $$$. Thanks again team.”

Review by Danny

Dale Law reviewed:
Centurian Orlando Wildlife Services
Altamonte Springs, FL
“Danny was awesome! We had squirrel issues before in our attic and I was able to catch one of them in a trap. Closed off the hole they were getting in and thought all were gone until we smelled something dead. I spent over an hour in the attic trying to find what was dead and couldn’t so we called these guys. Danny was up for 15 minutes found our dead squirrel. He was on a time line, so he couldn’t finish the job. I paid him. He promised to be back first thing in the morning the next day to sanitize and clean all the feces up. I was concerned they were not going to come back and finish the job since I had paid him. He was back at 8am in the morning, cleaned all up and finished the job. Danny went above and beyond. I would recommend this company to anyone. Money well spent.”

Review by Jenny


Centurian Orlando Wildlife Services
Altamonte Springs, FL
“had an issue with Rodents and Rats. I had called a few companies and was not really impressed with the inspections or price. I called Centurian Wildlife Control in Orlando and I was very impressed. They sent Chris out, one of the managers, to evaluate the situation since I had the noises in my attic and I was worried the rats were going to get into the house. Chris did a very thorough job with the inspection, he figured out how the rats were getting in and set traps to remove them. Danny and Jeremy came out to do the exclusion work, closed off the access points. Josh came out after all the rats were gone and cleaned up the attic and did the anti-microbial treatment to remove the bacteria. Thank you again Centurian for getting this taken care of once and for all!!”

Attic Cleaning

Our Attic Anti-Microbial Sanitation Process:

1. Remove contamination: Feces, Urine, etc… Its all got to go!

2. Anti-Microbial Application: This will eliminate any and all of the Bacteria and harmful agents

3. Treat with a Deodorizer: This will eliminate any odor and pheromones

Have you recently had an animal infestation? Chances are there is quite a mess up in the attic, sometimes the Anti-Microbial treatment isnt enough. If there a large amounts of feces, urine stained insulation, dead animals etc in the attic, you may want to consider having all the insulation removed and new insulation installed. This way we can guarantee there is no more evidence, bacteria, pheromones and concerns left up in the attic.

Insulation Removal and Installation of New Insulation to the Correct R levels for Energy saving benefits! Raccoons are known for using a single spot in your home as a latrine, while using another part of your attic as their living area. This can lead to matted attic insulation and reduced “R” values, which means you continue to lose money as you continue to heat and cool your home. It can also lead to stained ceilings and unnecessary odors.

Let our attic restoration professionals remove that soiled insulation and replace it with your choice of insulation products. The correct amount of attic insulation will help reduce your energy bills. Attics are one of the easiest places in a house to insulate, especially if you’d like to “cap” your existing attic insulation (add insulation to what you already have). Call Today to Schedule your Free Attic & Insulation Evaluation.

Let’s Talk Armadillo’s

They are nocturnal mostly, living underground in burrows they dig themselves with their clawed front feet. Their preferred food is insects, specializing in earthworms and grubs found always under your nicely manicured laws.


They can live in most of the southern united states, though they are non-native to the US, they came here by natural migration, meaning that on their own they decided to travel north and make their homes in north America far from their usual homes in south America. This is not an unusual phenomenon, the habits of Southern North America closely mirror the former habitats of the armadillo’s original home in South America.


Armadillo’s are well suited for digging up lawns in search of their favorite foods. Their feet have four or five large talon-like claws on each of them and make short work of grasses, roots, and small trees allowing the animal to find and eat its buggy feast. Those same claws are often put to use digging their homes, burrows, for the armadillo. Typically only one armadillo lives in each burrow, the only exception are babies. They are born live and the mother will watch over and train them in the ways of the armadillo for a month or so and then the babies venture out on their own to dig their own burrows and find their own insects to eat.


How to know if you have an armadillo: Watch for holes in your yard. If one day you go to bed with no holes but wake the next morning to a lawn riddled with digs and even a burrow or two, you are fairly certain to have an armadillo.


Armadillo trapping is fairly simple for the trained expert, like the team at Centurian Wildlife Services. Our managers are trained to spot the signs of armadillo’s, to find their burrows, and even to know if you have more than one causing trouble at your property. Call us today for a free inspection and estimate on live trapping and removal of any armadillo on your property.

Dead Animal Removal

Centurian Wildlife Services Teammate Spraying sanitizing spray in attic
Centurian Wildlife Services Teammate Spraying sanitizing spray in attic

Unfortunately dead animals happen. And the worst ones are the dead animals in your home, in the attic or in the walls.

You will usually find these dead animals because of their smell. You will smell the decay in your home and know without a doubt that you have a dead animal.

Before you start any work on your own call Centurian Wildlife Services. Let one of our trained teammates come out to take a look at what you’re working with. It is very likely that he will be able to locate the animal without making a mess of your walls and then offer solutions for removing the dead animal and sanitizing your home to remove the bacteria left by the dead animal.


It is best to let a trained professional like Centurian Wildlife do the dead animal removal. The decaying flesh of the dead animal does carry disease and bacteria that is harmful to humans and domestic pets. Our teammates have the proper equipment, including respirators, and strong stomachs to manage the stench of the decay. Plus, we have biological santitizers that aren’t available to the average consumer to be very sure all the disease and bacteria left by the dead animal both on the surfaces of your home and in the air.


It is always better to be safe than sorry and dead wild animals can be dangerous to your health. Call Centurian Wildlife as soon as you suspect you have a dead wild animal in your home.

Review: San Antonio Rat Removal

We have gotten some high praise on our services in San Antonio Texas!

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San Antonio Rat Removal

My name is David, and I work in Orlando, but I’ve spent years training dozens of wildlife pros, and getting to know hundreds of them throughout the country. If you need a rat removal company in San Antonio, TX, I recommend Centurian Wildlife. I believe that this company knows what I know about rat control, so give them a call at 210-579-4727.

Bexar County has a documented rodent problem, which is not uncommon in many parts of Texas. If you need to get rid of rats in the attic or a building in San Antonio, you don’t want to hire a pest control company or exterminator, you want a wildlife control specialist to do the rodent removal work correctly. Call Centurian Wildlife at 210-579-4727, and describe your rat or mouse issue, and he will be able to give you a quote and schedule a same-day or next day inspection to solve the problem.

 Centurian Wildlife – 210-579-4727

I asked Centurian Wildlife to describe their service range, and they said, “Trutech Inc. handles nuisance animals, including squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, skunks, beavers, coyotes, foxes, opossums, snakes, bats, birds, moles and voles. The company also addresses all stinging insect problems, including bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. Trutech Inc. carries workers’ compensation and liability insurance. We service San Antonio and surrounding towns, such as San Marcos, New Braunfels, Universal City, Windcrest, Kirby, Hollywood Park, Leon Valley, Schertz, Cibolo, and more.” As a licensed and insured wildlife company in Texas, Centurian Wildlife is fully qualified to handle rodent removal problems, far more effectively than most San Antonio pest control companies, and never with the use of poison. To find out about the specific terms, and to schedule and appointment, just call 210-579-4727.

Bexar County, San Antonio Rat Control Situation: In mid July of 2015, a friend brought me a 4 week old baby girl rat that she found by the garbage. I live in San Antonio TX. I kept and raised her, she was my little girl and she was a sweetheart. I fell very much in love with her, but not until after I released her to the outside world. In December I started taking her outside for a couple hours each day until she got to the point she wanted to sleep in the tree. She was outside for about four months until April 1st, when she didn’t come home. Everyday for those four months she came to me when I called her name, until that morning she didn’t show up to get her breakfast. My husband called her for lunch that day, but she never came and I tried again at dinner time, but no show. We tried to find her for two weeks after that, but she was no where to be found. I wish I would have never let her outside and kept her as a pet. I loved her very much and she loved me, we would play together for a couple hours everyday, she was different from the other squirrels. I would like to find another baby squirrel if I could. I see that you trap them and relocate them, do you ever come across any that are special needs and if so what do you do with them? Or do you know who I could contact to see about getting one for a pet? I feed the rats in my back yard everyday and my husband now has a girl squirrel that comes to him for peanuts, she is very cute. I could set and watch them all day. Can you help me? Thanks, Candace

Contact Centurian Wildlife for excellent wild animal control, wildlife trappers, and rodent removal in San Antonio.

Centurian Wildlife Florida Locations

Did you know we have offices covering most of Florida?

We have trained teammates available in most every part of the state available to help you with your wildlife troubles.

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Florida Locations:
Jacksonville: 904-414-3001
Daytona: 386-218-2585
Brevard: 321-200-0731
Indian River & Port St. Lucie: 772-202-3258
West Palm Beach: 561-292-5641
Broward: 954-406-1553
Miami Dade: 305-908-3816
Orlando: 407-454-9802
Lakeland: 863-279-3003
Tampa: 813-666-1818
Sarasota & Bradenton 941-404-885
Ft. Myers, Cape Coral & Naples 239-271-3945
Marion, Ocala & Gainesville 352-432-2225


Don’t see your area? Give us a call anyway, we can send a manager from the nearest area to assist you!