Rabies, not just for raccoons

We’ve all heard the stories about crazy rabid raccoons right? If you see a raccoon during the day; its rabid! This is actually completely false. Raccoons in residential areas have become comfortable in those surroundings and will hunt for food, shelter or water during the day. Now, if you see a raccoon acting CRAZY, or foaming at the mouth during the day, there’s a chance it is rabid or has distemper. We also know that dogs and cats can carry or contract the rabies virus, hence why we get our animals vaccinated against it, right?

But did you know that otters can carry rabies? Neither did I until I did some research. They generally get rabies when they are attacked by another predator that’s infected with it. It is however very rare, in the last 20 years there’s been less than 30 cases of rabid otters reported in Florida.

Another animal that I didn’t think could contract rabies….Foxes, I’m not sure why I didn’t think they could contract the virus but I didn’t. It turns out all mammals can get rabies and mostly carnivores contract the virus, but not always.

Fish, Frogs, Snakes, Lizards and Birds can not contract the virus…imagine that!

Is it important to have a dead animal removed from your yard?

The simple answer is YES! Why? Several reasons, Ill break them down for you by section.

Disease/Bacteria: As animals decompose the disease and or bacteria that may have been contained in the animal will start to come expel and then humans can be exposed to them.

Smell: The smell of a decomposing animal is horrendous! The smell can be outside of your home but quickly permeate through to the inside and go through your ac ducts and now your entire home smells like dead animal, that is a disgusting odor you do not want to try and sleep with.

Attracts Other Animals: The smell of decomposition will absolutely attract other animals and they will tear the dead animal apart in your yard, spreading parts and pieces all over…and of course that will spread the disease and bacteria also, this can be a very bad thing. Now your yard is full of fighting wildlife, bacteria and a disgusting smell. Now these animals will associate your yard with food and you can possibly have unwanted guests daily while they are on the hunt.

The important thing here is keeping yourself and your family safe. If an animal dies in your yard, you want to have it removed ASAP. Give us a call, we will be happy to take care of it for you!

Vampire Bats: The real deal

Yes, vampire bats are real! NO….they will not turn you into an actual vampire if they come into contact with you. Vampire bats mainly bite large animals like horses, cows or sheep. They make a small cut with their teeth and then lap up the blood, kind of like when a cat drinks water, so its not “sucking blood”. If vampire bats do not find a meal for two days, they will die. Odd fact: Female bats will regurgitate blood to feed other bats in exchange for grooming…kind of creepy huh? Blood is absolutely vital for survival. The vampire bat has some different adaptations than other bats. They can walk, run and jump and this helps them hunt and feed.

Vampire bats can be very tame and even kind to humans. They can carry rabies so for animal farmers they are definitely a cause for concern. Vampire bats aren’t harmful to humans but of course humans can contract rabies also, so if you are bitten by a bat…you should seek emergency attention right away.

These bats love humid areas and tend to gravitate towards caves, caverns, hollow trees or anywhere kind of dark and concealed. They tend to love barn rafters or attic spaces. If you get bats in your attic, their guano can contain disease and you should call us right away for contamination removal as well as bat removal and to make sure your home is protected from any further animal issues.


Where to See a Gator in Florida!

If you have lived in Florida for any length of time it is likely you have spotted an alligator or two. However, you are more likely to see them in some cities than others. in 2016 there were 12,759 reports of alligators that resulted in 8,050 removals. The city with the most you may ask??? It’s Orlando! I guess tourist aren’t the most likely thing to find there!¬†Sarasota, Tampa, Kissimmee, Fort Myers, Naples, Lakeland, Bradenton, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville round out the top 10 cities.



Rats Vs. Mice; Whats the difference?

I could never tell the difference between mice and rats, I just assumed here in Florida we only had mice and in New York, they had rats. Why did I think that? Who knows, but the fact is we do have rats here in Brevard County as well as mice. Here are some ways that you can tell the difference.

Rats are very careful, they will avoid things in their way and mice are curious (like cats, oddly enough) and will check things out, look around, climb over and through things. That’s why people usually keep mice as pets as opposed to rats.

Mice tend to have small feet and heads and big ears, they are kind of adorable honestly. Rats have larger bodies and longer talls…if you’ve ever seen the movie The Secret of Nimh, even though its a cartoon the depictions of rats and mice are pretty accurate.

Mice are scared of rats because rats will kill and eat them, gross right? But think about it like this; there’s always a bigger predator out there that will attack and eat something.

Mice and rats are nocturnal creatures, they both have bad eyesight but they have a heightened sense of smell and of course sound.

Both animals are invaders, they breed rapidly and will infest your attic, garage and home in a very short amount of time. Here at Centurian our technicians are specially trained to handle rat and mice infestations in a fast, humane way. If you think you have an issue with these little critters, give us a call for a free home inspection!

Broken Pipes, Rodents, and Mold Oh My!

Cast iron pipes are becoming a big issue in South Florida. These pipes usually only last 25-35 years. If yours are around this age or older they can break at anytime which leads to a multitude of problems. You may notice a sewage back up, mold, odors, and rodents. There has been an influx of customers that are having rodent issues that won’t go away. James and Julien are excellent at knowing when there is a plumbing issue and finding it! There have been multiple times where we have trapped and excluded the property, there is still activity, the client thinks their pipes are fine and the guys find a break.

There are 2 ways we confirm the issue. The first is a smoke test. We push smoke through the plumbing and go through the house looking for smoke and the smell of it. Usually it is found in the kitchen or bathroom. If for some reason that doesn’t work or the smell is coming from the wall, we use a small camera to snake the pipes and find the break that way. Once the break is repaired (usually by a plumber) we will continue to trap until the problem is taken care of.¬†1377 1378

Pet Raccoons!

I’m not going to lie, the thought of having a raccoon as a pet has crossed my mind more than once. Especially when Nick (our service manager) brings a baby raccoon into the office! I feel so bad when their mom has left them and they look so sweet and cuddly. Nick always gives me that look and then takes them to a rescue, but I can’t help but want one! I have to say my husband wouldn’t be so happy about me bringing one home either. First of all they are really messy eaters and I can be OCD about my cleaning sometimes. They also are super active so crating them all day wouldn’t be a good option. Lord knows they are curious little things so I would never be able to trust it alone in my house. Then I remember I did survive the toddler stage with two kids so how bad can it be???

raccoon trash

Facts about Ants

If you live in Palm Bay Fl you know first hand that ants are a part of everyday life. They are quite a pest, but did you know these facts about them?

  • Some species of ants are all female and have no need for males to reproduce.
  • Colonies of ants each have their own chemical make up that allow them to determine if another ant is part of their colony.
  • Some ants can carry up to 100 times their own weight.
  • Living up to 30 years, they have the longest lifespan of any insect.
  • Male ants die after mating with the queen.

Although these are fun facts, living with ants is not fun. Call Centurian for all your Palm Bay pest control needs!

Free stock photo of insects, macro, close-up, ant


Playing Possum is a real thing!

Did you know that Playing Possum is an actual thing that possums do? It’s true, its their defense mechanism. Playing possum is exactly what you think, the possum acts dead and releases a terrible scent, like a dying animal, the animal will bare its teeth and foam at the mouth a little….Do not fall for this guys trick! Chances are he is not dead, just scared and when you leave him alone, he will regain his composure and move on. The funny thing about this defense? Its completely involuntary.

So why are you seeing possums in your yard? That’s an easy question…food! Possum are scavengers, they will eat garbage, any kind of pet food left outside, insects and small animals…even snakes, they seem to be immune to snake venom, crazy huh? They are also almost immune to rabies, which is uncommon for wild animals. They’re also marsupials, we’ve had several of our techs get called out to retrieve dead possums and they always check their pouch for babies, they are so tiny and adorable! We had a customer in Orlando call us because she had a possum in her kitchen cabinets! How scary would that be?! Our technician went in and grabbed this guy with his bare heads, removed and released him safely into a wildlife area…that possum was at least 10 pounds, he was a big fella!

So at this point you might be asking yourself, Why should I get rid of the possums in my yard? They eat bugs, snakes and don’t have rabies. The answer is simple, they are wild animals. They do carry diseases, they will destroy your landscaping looking for food and those 50 super sharp teeth in their mouth, don’t seem like something fun to run into in the middle of the night while you’re outside with the dogs. If you think you’re having an issue with possums, give Centurian a call, we will be happy to trap and relocate these tricky little guys.

Real Life Dinosaurs….IN YOUR YARD?!

If you live here in Brevard County, FL you have seen our little dinosaur friends at one point or another…armadillos! Most people are used to seeing them on the side of the road after being hit by a car, however these guys can be a huge nuisance in your yard. The dig big holes to hide it, and love to tear up gardens and flower beds searching for food. Nothing will ruin your new landscaping faster than a hungry armadillo.

Like most wild animals, armadillos can carry disease. The disease most people associate with them is leprosy. You can contract this disease through direct contact with an armadillo or fresh feces, so please stay clear…do not try and touch an armadillo, or catch it with your bare hands. Their bacteria containing feces can also be harmful to children and pets, so you can see why its important to keep your yard free of these invaders.

Our team here at Centurian is highly trained and skilled in trapping, relocating and handling these unwanted yard guests. Nick has some sort of special armadillo sense and has an amazing track record trapping and relocating them daily.

If you see any signs of armadillos, give us a call and we will be happy to safely, humanely take care of your issue.